March 5, 2014 BAPA Meeting Minutes

March  5, 2014 BAPA Meeting Minutes.
Written by Daniel Bremond.   
The meeting was held at  Red Lobster restaurant  in Milpitas.
The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m.
In attendance were 19 paraglider pilots including one new member Wayne, and Bob attending a BAPA meeting for the first time.
The meeting was presided over by President Dave McMillan.

Jugdeep Aggarwal - USHPA Director Region 2 - encouraged anybody having flying concerns to not hesitate to contact him.

Officer Reports:

Susan K – Vice President and Membership Coordinator
There are about  120 renewed members so far.
On behalf of Robin C (treasurer), the finances are in good shape.

Daniel B – Secretary
- The Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD), which owns numerous pieces of land including some flying sites and one flying site-to-be (Mount Umunhum), will put a $300 million bond measure (named AA) in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties and a portion of unincorporated Santa Cruz County on the June 3, 2014 ballot.
Funds from the ballot measure would be allocated to the top 25 future project areas. The measure requires a two-thirds vote.
The latest news on this subject can be found at the following url:
- USHPA membership renewal options. When you renew in 2014, you are offered  
   o Pilot(US) membership $99.00
   o Pilot International $125.00
After investigations, it appears that if you live in the US. the Pilot membership is $99.00.
The Pilot International option is not an available option for US pilot expecting to travel abroad.

Will W – Activity  Director
- Saturday, March 8 First Responder Workshop. (This workshop has already been held since this meeting.)
- The XC Clinic hosted by Ed Stein and Honza at Mount Vaca was a success.
- Coming up is one  new XC clinic with one day dedicated for lectures. It will be open to more pilots, including P2.
- Coming up is one new kiting clinic Saturday April 5, in conjunction with a PLF clinic in Vallejo.
- Cross Country League and new Sprint League: Registration is now open for both leagues.  More details can be found at

Dave M – President - The Mountain Hardwear Friends and Family Store  is still open to BAPA members.
This store owned by the brand name Columbia sells quality equipments at warehouse prices.  Do not hesitate to visit it for new mountain equipment.
The address is: 
1414 Harbor Way South 
Richmond, CA 94804
- The Facebook Page has been created. Dave is looking for suggestions on how to use it.
- BAPA is still looking for a webmaster to replace Julie who has now accepted an assignment from the USHPA.

Old and New Business
Dunlap (Hot topic)
Dave read an email he received from Steve Rodriguez:
A long discussion followed.
In summary:
Dunlap will be closed April first.
Please do not contact the landowner or his family.
Please do not act. Any action in this direction should be coordinated.
The name of the coordinator will be announced soon.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

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