BAPA Meeting Minutes - November 5, 2014

Meeting held at Red Lobster, Milpitas, CA.

Minutes recorded by David McMillan, BAPA President (for Daniel Bremond, Secretary travelling).

Meeting called to order at 7:10pm

12 members in attendance, including one guest


 One visitor present, new P2 pilot (Daniel)

 Presidents Report (David McMillan):

        Officer Nominations - 2014 BAPA officers were re-nominated for 2015.

No other officer nominations were received.  Members to vote via the BAPA website prior to the BAPA Holiday Party.  Results will be announced at the Holiday Party.

     ○        President - David McMillan

     ○        Vice President - Susan Kent

     ○        Treasurer - Robin Cushman

     ○        Secretary - Daniel Bremond

     ○        Site Director - Dan Retz

     ○        Safety Director - Jesse Meyer

     ○        Activities Director - Will Whitaker

        BAPA Website - Alex Neigher is working on website, but progress is slow.  Jill Nephew and Daniel (guest) offered to assist as needed.

        Holiday Party is Saturday, December 6th 2014.  Two options are being considered.  David McMillan will investigate both options and make decision next week.(Since the meeting, the location has been selected and a notification was sent)

        BAPA Logo - Jakob Uszkoreit posted some preliminary logos on the bag list.  It was agreed that we would work with Jakob’s logo to use for a current design.

        Mountain Hardwear Employee Store - BAPA members have access to the Mountain Hardwear Employee Store in Richmond, CA.  Please make use of this privilege so that we don’t lose it in the future!  BAPA members are listed at the store counter and you must be on the list for access.

        Keeping new pilots flying - we mentioned that USHPA has stated that many new P2 pilots give up the sport each year.  We as a club need to do our best to mentor new pilots and keep them engaged.  This is best done at our local level.  It was suggested that we engage the local instructors to encourage their students to become involved in BAPA and the local flying community.  BAPA is here to help and mentor new pilots!

Vice President’s Report (Susan Kent)

        Need to review our current Bylaws and post on the BAPA website.

Activities Director’s Report (Will Whitaker):

        Dunlap Fly-in in August, BAPA Picnic in September, Monster Mash end of October was excellent with a good turnout!

Other Officer Reports - None

Regional Director’s Report (Josh Cohn, Jug Aggarwal):

        Possible revision of T3 ratings being discussed at the USHPA level

New Business: 

        Blue Rock Weather Station - Joel McMinn will install a new weather station at the top of Blue Rock in Vallejo.  Joel has received numerous donations but is short of the budget.  It was motioned that BAPA provide up to $300 to cover the budget shortage.  The motion passed.

        Josh Cohn discussed support of the US Paragliding and X-Alps Team.  The US teams have a goal of $46,000 to raise for the 2015 season.  It was motioned that BAPA donate $500 to the US teams for 2015.  The motion passed.

        MissionPeak - It was mentioned that the local rangers will be enforcing the trail regulations at MissionPeak.  This means no shortcuts (which cause erosion of the trails) and staying on the marked trails at all times.  Paragliders have been respectful of this in the past and we will continue to do so in the future.

        G-Force Machine - Jug Aggarwal discussed the G-Force Machine, which is sitting dormant in Central California.  Jug would like to transport up to the Bay Area and install in a semi-permanent location in the SouthBay.  Two locations are being considered.  It was motioned that BAPA donate up to $300 to transport and install the machine locally.  A work party will most likely be needed to install the machine this winter.

        Jug Aggarwal would like to conduct a tree self-rescue clinic this winter.

        Jug Aggarwal also discussed the Sprint League from 2014 and plans for the future in 2015.  Jug has sent out a survey to all the Sprint participants and it would be most helpful for everyone to respond to the survey to develop the 2015 Sprint League future.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm

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