BAPA Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2015

The meeting was held at Round Table Pizza, in South San Francisco.

 The Meeting was called to order at 7:25pm

In attendance were 11 pilots including Jugdeep Aggarwal, USHPA Director for         Region 2, Steve Rodrigues USHPA Secretary, Director at Large and Fellow             Feathers Treasurer, Julie Spiegler USHPA Project Manager,  and Ken Martin             Fellow Feathers President

The meeting was presided over by Dave McMillan President

President’s Report (David McMillan)

BAPA Elections.

The 2014 BAPA officers were re-elected.

       President - David McMillan

       Vice President - Susan Kent

       Treasurer - Robin Cushman

       Secretary - Daniel Bremond

       Site Director - Dan Retz

       Safety Director - Jesse Meyer

       Activities Director - Will Whitaker 

Christmas Party Saturday December 6th, 2014.

The party  was a big success in a very good location. Thanks to Julie and Gever.

Jug moved and Susan seconded a motion that BAPA voted to donate $250 to Brightworks (Gever's school) as a thank you for hosting the BAPA Christmas party.

Risk assessment.

It is time of the year to update these papers.

David will oversee the process for BAPA.

Julie is in the process of updating the USHPA website to include a description of the procedure.

Vice President’s Report (Susan Kent)

The club accounts (2014 and 2015) for 175 members, before purge of 2014             members not renewing in 2015. The grace period to renew will end in March               and the purge will be done after a last email notification.

Other Officer Reports - None

Old Business

Mount Umunhum (By Daniel)

There was a Public meeting few weeks ago about the selection of a contractor                  to maintain the Radar Tower landmark. This should have no impact on the              flying schedule. The public access is not yet allowed. The expected  opening is                  spring 2017.

The remediation plan for the impact of flyers (Paragliders and Hang gliders)                  on  protected raptors is a piece of art . See the url

and read “Mitigation Measure 4.3-4”(pages 27 and 28)

Bapa Website (By Julie)

There is a plan to improve the website. We have found two volunteers                                 (Daniel and Alex). There will be a collaborations with Fellows Fathers, because                we have the same needs. The work will be focussed on two parts: Member        Management  application and Information website. 

New Business:

Hang Glider and Paraglider collaboration

A discussion took place to find actions to improve the collaboration and understanding between the two types of wings. The best way was described as  “Exchanges days”. To move forward, we need to talk to Instructors, find volunteers and advertise on the websites. To be continued

G-Force Machine.

A such machine is owned by Jug and actually kept in a storage container.                     Its use requires some permanent settings and Jug is looking for a location.                After discussion, Jug was asked to provide a datasheet describing the specifications  required to install and use safely the machine in order to help in searching for a   location.

By-Law (By Susan)

Our ByLaw need to be updated. The last changes were approved in February 2012. Proposed changes include

-          Newsletter - Periodically vs monthly – Distribution Electronically

-          Meetings – Periodically vs monthly

-          No more Director at large,

-          Add Activity Director

-          Quorum workaround – Allow on-line and Email votes

Susan will draft the changes and submit them at the next meeting.

Tree rescue clinic

Jug announced a tree rescue clinic which took place Saturday January 24

Meeting adjourned at 9:20pm

Additional information