March 4th BAPA Meeting Minutes

BAPA Meeting Minutes - November 5, 2014

Meeting held at Red Lobster, Milpitas, CA. 

16 members in attendance, including three guests/prospective members. 

Meeting called to order at 7:15pm 


            Three new paragliders present 

      2.Presidents Report (David McMillan):

              ●           Mt.Tam Rule Violations:  All paragliders need to land in the designated landing area on the

                 beach, several pilots unknowingly broke this rule over the last couple of weekends.


        Bank Swallow Colony (North of Fort Funston):  Steve Rodriguez explained that we

(both PG and HG) are not allowed to fly north of the northern beach access trail into the

Bank Swallow habitat area from March 15th to August 15. 

This is in the vicinity north of the Fort Funston HG launch/landing area.


        Fort Funston Meeting with BAPA, Fellow Feathers (FF) and GGNRA:  BAPA and FF met

with GGNRA on February 24th, 2015 to discuss getting consistent language in the

Funston and Stables permits.  Steve and Ken of FF will be meeting with David Sondergeld

and David McMillan of BAPA to discuss HG/PG issues at FortFunston.


        Mussel Rock: Don’t launch from top of the cliffs north of the Green Monster up

on Westlake, homeowners have complained and Daly City has said they will ticket people even

though the line between private property and public land at the cliffs may not be clear.


        Blue Rock Weather Station: The station is now operable, working and can be found

on Weather Underground.  Thanks to Joel McMinn for setting this up!


       New weather station: Rick C is installing a new weather station and windsock at the top of

Westlake near the Church.


        Ed Levin Weather Station: This station  continues to have issues.  BAPA will contact

Pat Denevan to see if we can assist with technical expertise.


        BAPA Website:  Several pilots are assisting on the website at the moment. 

Tarry Chen at the meeting offered to assist as needed.

                    G-Force Machine:  Jug Aggarwal is trying to find location to place the machine, 

             but liability issues persist.  Not as much interest as Jug expected either. 

             Jug will continue to explore possibilities. 

      3.Vice President’s Report (Susan Kent):

        Susan will be taking on all membership duties now from Treasurer.


      4.Activities Director’s Report (Will Whitaker): Absent:

        Will is working on finalizing the 2015 Activities calendar


      5.Treasurer’s Report (Robin Cushman):

        $8036.53 in bank account.


      6.Other Officer Reports: None


      7.New Business: 

        Hat Creek - There is a new club at Hat Creek that will manage the site called

Hat Creek Pilots Association.  They will be in charge of the USFS use permit. 

Donations will be accepted to the club for site maintenance.


Presentation by Jug Aggarwal: On the 2015 Northern California Sprint League at 8:45pm. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm 

Minutes recorded by David McMillan, BAPA President (for Daniel Bremond, Secretary travelling)

Any corrections or omissions, please respond to David McMillan or Daniel Bremond directly.

(See Officer List for email addresses)


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