BAPA July 8 Meeting Minutes

BAPA Meeting Minutes – July 8, 2015

 The meeting was held at Red Lobster in Milpitas , CA.

 The Meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm

In attendance were 6 BAPA pilots and two guests of honor:

Martin Palmaz  CEO of USHPA on a business trip in the Bay Area,

Steve Rodrigues USHPA Secretary, Director at Large and Fellow Feathers’ s


 The meeting was presided over by Susan Kent, Vice President.

The detailed agenda was prepared by President Dave McMillan travelling. 

 Officer Reports

Vice President/Membership – Susan Kent

Meeting attendance

The attendance recently has not been what we have expected.

As an incentive, can we publish the agenda one week in advance?

Should we use a teleconference mode? If yes, what software are available?



Go-to Meeting



Should we move the time to 7:30 or 8:00 PM ?

 Activities (on behalf of Will, absent):

1) Hat Creek Fly-in was cancelled this year due to a lack of interest. 

Only 4 pilots responded.

What happened this year? Are people not interested in Hat Creek?

Was the weekend a bad date?

 2) Big Sur Fly-in is scheduled for October 30 - November 1.

We have reserved the biggest group campsite at Plaskett Creek scheduled for

Friday and Saturday nights. There is a lot of room for tents, etc, it’s huge!

 If bringing RVs or trailers we suggest booking separate campsites asap.

 3) Ed Levin Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, August 22nd. Spread the word.

Anyone interested in paragliding is welcome.

It is a good way to get interested people into the sport.

BAPA will provide food and drinks. Dave McMillan and Susan Kent will be

out of the country during this date, so we need a volunteer who can step up

to organize the event. It is easy and a lot of fun!

 Other Officer Reports – None

 Old business

 Berkeley Kite Festival is July 25-26th. It is a big festival with 30,000+ people

expected. Chip Sheppard has reserved a booth, but has gotten no interest in

local pilots for volunteering at the event. If no other pilots step up to the plate,

Chip will cancel our booth.

This is a huge opportunity to expose members of the public to our sport.

Daniel pointed out that he is surprised by the lack of interest from professional

paragliding instructors who are missing a big opportunity to recruit students.

Following the discussion Chip confirmed that he will cancel the reservation.

 Bapa Website:

We have volunteers (for coding?) but no Project Manager.

We are still looking for a Full Project  Owner.

 BAPA Facebook page

Dave  McMillan wants to convert FB page from a “like” page to a “group” page.

Dave hasn’t that time to do this and isn’t that savvy on FB.

Any help would be appreciated if someone wants to help.

Since the meeting, Susan Kent created a new  Bay Area Paragliding Association

Public Group on Facebook that can be accessed at the following url:

BAPA Meeting venue

We need  a new venue for SF/Peninsula meetings.

Attendance has been mediocre in this location.

Maybe do a Survey Monkey to our members to get an idea on how to get

better meeting participation?

Someone suggested to use the same location that Fellow Feathers use at the

Sharp Park Golf Course.

Also it was suggested that we rename the meeting to Pizza Party, and have

a BBQ at Mussel Rock after flying time. BAPA could pay for pizzas

 New business

 Violation of rules at Mount Tam

A  visiting pilot violated the rules at Mt Tam and has been suspended

indefinitely until BAPA specifies the length of suspension.

The visiting pilot, a P5 and rated instructor flew the site without a sticker, and

launched into the fog with no beach visible. The violations were witnessed on

launch by the President of the Marin Hang Gliding Association.

Dave McMillan and BAPA Officers will coordinate further action with Wally

Anderson, the BAPA Site Administrator of Mt Tam.

After discussion it was voted to suspend the pilot for one year.

 Fatality at Mussel Rock

There was a PG fatality at Mussel Rock on Sunday May 17th.

A Japanese pilot crashed at the point below the old road just north of the

Walker and Lemming launches. USHPA has set up an accident investigation.

2015 has been a very bad year for PG and HG fatalities in the US.

Please be safe out there.

 Participation in BAPA

Dave McMillan would like more local pilots to consider becoming active in BAPA.

It is important for pilots to volunteer in the local club to make our club

successful. You don’t need to have hundreds of hours or be a P4 pilot to

participate in BAPA, only a desire to give back to the community.

We have a small number of people who do much of the work and we can use

more help. If anyone is interested in helping out, please reach out to

Dave McMillan, Susan Kent or any of the other officers.

 Fort Funston Negotiations between BAPA and Fellow Feathers

BAPA would like  to remove the northern boundary on the permit for flying

The Stables.

We have put an offer on the table with Fellow Feathers that in exchange for

removing the boundary we would agree to put the “rule of six” into

The Stables use permit.

Dave McMillan would like to vote on putting this “rule of six” into The Stables

permit, only if we are allowed to remove the Northern boundary on The Stables

permit. This proposal is also supported by David Sondergeld, site administrator

of The Stables.

 As the quorum was not reached, the proposal could not be voted on and this

topic will need to be revisited in the future.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm

 The entertainment part of the meeting was Susan Kent reporting on her Slovenia

Paragliding Trip

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