Minutes - BAPA Meeting - October 10th, 2015:

Minutes submitted by Dave McMillan, BAPA President
Meeting was held in the Mussel Rock parking lot and attended by approximately 45-50 members and non-member coastal pilots.  
 Meeting started at 6:15pm.
1. Officer Reports:
            -Treasurer - Approx $8000 +/- in bank account, finances are good.
             -President’s Report - See items 2-8 below.
             -Other Officers not present
2. BAPA Officer Nominations for 2016
-All 2015 officers were re-nominated for 2016,
except for Vice President and Activities Director
-Need candidates for Vice President and Activities Director, please consider volunteering for these vacant positions, if interested please let Dave McMillan know.
3. BAPA December Holiday Party
-Looking for location to hold the party on Saturday evening, December 5th, 2015
-Gever Tulley volunteered Brightworks in San Francisco for the location of the party.
4. Big Sur Monster Mash Fly-In, October 31 weekend
-BAPA has the largest group campsite at Plaskett Creek Campground reserved for Friday and Saturday nights of Halloween weekend.
 Please RSVP to Dave McMillan if you haven’t already to get on the Evite list for coordinating food, carpools, etc.
5. Website updates
             -BAPA Website still needs updating, Dave McMillan to get update on progress.
6. NorCal Free Flight Film Festival
-BAPA to donate $400 to the NCFFFF
7. Safety at Mussel Rock
-How do we reduce accidents and blowbacks?  
-Blowbacks are the biggest problem and most common occurrence at Mussel Rock and blowbacks also create the largest amount of liability exposure to keeping the site open and claims on USHPA insurance.  
-Most of the blowbacks are from visiting pilots.  It is our responsibility to protect our site and to help the visiting pilots fly safely.  If you see a visiting pilot that you don’t know, introduce yourself and try to get a read on the pilot’s experience and attitude and help prevent the pilot from doing something that could endanger our site.
-It was suggested that a small sign in the parking lot in the center gathering area could be placed on the beach cleanup pole that could be short and sweet with information including a link to Jeff Greenbaum’s Mussel Rock website and also the danger of blowbacks.
8. Fort Funston Discussion
-BAPA has had numerous face-to-face discussions over the last several months with the Fellow Feathers in order to come up with an agreement for the Fellow Feathers to support removing the northern boundary restriction at the Stables flying site.
-The use permits for Funston and the Stables expire at the end of 2015 after being temporarily extended.
-Discussions have come to a stalemate with the Fellow Feathers, the Fellow Feathers do not agree with lifting the boundary at the Stables.
-The unanimous desire of BAPA and the non-member coastal pilots is to keep Mussel Rock unregulated in its current state.
-BAPA’s current position with respect to Funston and the Stables is to leave the status quo in place with respect to the use permits with the GGNRA.
-Relations with HGs and PGs in the air have been excellent this year, everyone agreed that the future goal is to keep things safe and courteous for everyone in the air.
-If PGs choose to fly to Funston, it was agreed to respect the HGs launching and landing and to generally, “not be a dick”.  Fly with respect to other aircraft, and adhere to USHPA free flight guidelines and FAR 103 regulations.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

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