BAPA Meeting Minutes – March 8, 2016

 Meeting held at Red Lobster, Milpitas, CA. 

13 members in attendance in person and  4 attendants over video streaming

 Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm

The meeting was presided over by Dave McMillan, President


First time attendee:

One pilot from Texas and one pilot from Azerbaijan

Guests of Honor

Jugdeep Aggarwal USHPA Director for Region 2 

2.Officer and Contributor Reports:

      Dave McMillan on behalf  of Treasurer: Robin Cushman

      Banks accounts is OK. We donated $5,000 to RRG

Secretary: Daniel Bremond

About MountUmunhum: Things progress slowly


Activities Director: Ross Strickland

Since the meeting, the Activities calendar has been published.

Next BAPA meeting will be in Redwood City in a new location.


Membership coordinator : Susan Kent

There are 171 people on the membership roster, but at least 30 people have yet to renew.


Dave McMillan on behalf of Safety Director: Jesse Meyer

The previous year Risk Management Plan need to be updated


3.Old Business

BAPA donated $5,000 for the RRG. A discussion took place about how Instructors and Student will be covered by the new insurance. No formal answer as things are still moving.

 4. New Business:

G-Force machine:

Jug has been unable to find a location in the Bay Area


Tree Rescue Kit:

Available on demand


Tollhouse Work Party:

We need to organize one before summer

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 PM

5. The entertainment part of the meeting was a presentation of the Sprint League by Jug Aggarwal.

 6. Annexes

The full meeting can be streamed at the following url:

Last version to date (3/31/2016) of the Activity Calendar

§                     3/26-3/27  --  Sprint League event (Dunlap)

§                     4/16-4/17  --  XC and Sprint League event (Dunlap)

§                     4/23  --  Earth Day beach clean-up (Mussel Rock) [BAPA]

§                     4/30-5/1  --  Spring Fly-In (Dunlap) [BAPA]

§                     5/7-5/8  --  Sprint League event (Potato Hill)

§                     5/11  --  Bi-monthly meeting (Redwood City) [BAPA]

§                     5/14-5/15  --  Tentative Tollhouse work party [BAPA]

§                     5/21-5/22  --  XC League (Potato Hill)

§                     6/4-6/5  --  Tentative 2nd spring fly-in (Potato Hill) [BAPA]

§                     6/11-6/12  --  Sprint League (Tollhouse or Potato Hill)

§                     6/18  --  Rat Race sprint (Woodrat, OR)

§                     6/19-6/25  --  Rat Race sprint (Woodrat, OR)

§                     7/4  --  4th of July BBQ (Mussel Rock) [BAPA]

§                     7/13  --  Bi-monthly meeting (Milpitas) [BAPA]

§                     7/16-7/17  --  Summer Fly-In (Hat Creek) [BAPA]

§                     7/30-7/31  --  XC League (Tollhouse)

§                     8/20-8/21  --  XC League (Tahoe)

§                     8/27  --  Ed Levin picnic [BAPA]

§                     9/3  --  Tentative kiting clinic (TBD) [BAPA]

§                     9/10-9/11  --  Fall Fly-In (Dunlap or Potato Hill) [BAPA]

§                     9/14  --  Bi-monthly meeting (Redwood City) [BAPA]

§                     9/17  --  Coastal cleanup (Mussel Rock) [BAPA]

§                     9/24-9/26  --  XC League (Owens Valley)

§                     10/29-10/30  --  Monster Mash (Big Sur) [BAPA]

§                     11/9  --  Bi-monthly meeting (Milpitas) [BAPA]


§                     12/3  --  Holiday party (TBD) [BAPA]

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