BAPA Meeting Minutes – May 11, 2016

Meeting was held at a new location. A meeting room at Box inc HQ in Redwood City

11 persons attending in person.

And  up to 7 attending over video streaming

 The meting was called to order at 7:35 pm, and was  presided over by David McMillan, President

1. Introductions:

    First time attendee:

    Marcus, from Switzerland, bi wingall, a very experienced pilot.

    Mitch Shipley, HG and former skydiver. USHPA Regional Director at Large. RRG board member

     Recently moved to the Bay Area.

     Urs Kallenberger HG for 20 years and former USHPA Director

2. Officer and Contributor Reports:

      Sophie Bourgoin Vice President

Nothing to report

      Robin Cushman, Treasurer (on line)

The bank accounts have more than $4000, after the donation to RRG.


Daniel Bremond, Secretary

Mount Umunhum summit will be open to the public on  October 22, 2016.


Ross Strickland, Activity Director

Week-end May 14-15, work party and Fly-in at Tollhouse

Events since last meeting: Safety Day, Mussel Rock Cleanup, Fly-in at Potato Hill.


President David thanked Ross for arranging the meeting in this new location


Susan Kent, Membership coordinator (on line)

      There are 117 pay members  on the roster.

3. Old Business


4. New Business:

Mount Tamalpais Insurance by Wally Anderson:

In the past this site was run by two clubs: Marin HG and BAPA (PG).Each club was insured.

Starting this year, due to the insurance changes, providing two insurances will cost twice.

Unless one club takes the responsibility to be the Club of Records.

The cost was $1500 a year.

We are trying to have Marin HG as Club of Records.

Everything else will be done like in the past.

From the discussions we had so far, Marin HG agreed.

The following motion was proposed, seconded and voted (*)

“BAPA will hand off management of Free Flight management at MountTamalpais to Macuga

and proposes Wally Anderson (both Macuga and BAPA member) as PG Site administrator.

In exchange, BAPA will donate annually half of the insurance cost to Macuga.”


Mount Tamalpais Mini Wing issue :

USHPA is so far unable to define mini wings.

It relays on the definition given by the manufacturers describing their products.

So the mini wing category so far includes: Mini wings, Speed wings and Hybrid wings.

A motion that reads:

“ Mini wing category will not be allowed at MountTamalpais.

This decision may be re-addressed in the future”,

was proposed, seconded and voted. (*)


David McMillan, owner of an hybrid wing, will work with Wally to allow

some Mini wings in the future.


(*) The quorum of 117 BAPA members required 12 votes casted.

Out of the 11 present members, only 7 were BAPA members including

Julie Spiegler who casted a 8th vote using the Gever Tulley’s proxy.

In addition, the following BAPA members attending the meeting thru the Internet provided

their vote to the 2 motions:

Joel McMinn, Susan Kent, Robin Cushman and Ricardo Salinas.


 The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM

5. The entertainment part of the meeting was Mitch Shipley RRG insurance

commissioner at USHPA talking about RRG, and responding to questions.

 6. Annexes

The full meeting can be streamed at the following url:

(cut and paste url in your browser. Duration 3h15mn)



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