BAPA November 7, 2012 Meeting Minutes

 Written by Daniel Bremond

The meeting was held at Round Table Pizza in Milpitas.

 The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

In attendance were 21 persons made up of 18 club members, 1 pilot's relative, 1 not-yet-pilot, and 1 not-anymore pilot.

The meeting was presided by Susan K .

Old and New Business

Susan announced the agenda and then asked everybody to introduce themselves.

Jerry Schimke, not anymore flying since his accident in 2003 followed by a veto from his wife, gave away his impressive collection of Hang gliding and Paragliding magazines.

Jugdeep Aggarwal reminded everyone that he is running for USHPA Board of Directors for region 2 and asked for our votes.

He recalled the voting process below.

Election information for Regional Directors have been sent


USHPA Regional Director online voting opens on October 1st.

The deadline for casting your vote is December 17th.

Your personal log-in information has been mailed to you from USHPA.

Pick your favorite candidate (Jug, of course) and cast your online vote at


Officer Reports:

Susan K - President

Susan K and 3 other selected club members will meet Friday November 9 with a representative of GGNRA to have a guided tour of Mussel Rock .

Dave M - Activities

Dave summarized the past and coming events on the calendar:

Last meeting entertainment: "

A presentation about Do's and Don’ts if you are first on scene after an accident", was very interesting

Sept 15: Costal cleanup at Mussel Rock

Sept 22-23: Potato Hill Fly-in. This year people stayed at Saint Nicholas Ranch.

Oct 6: Kiting clinic in Valejo. Very successful, more than 20 people participated.

Oct 27-28: Big Sur Fly-in. The weather was exceptionally good. 25-30 people attended.

Future event list:

BAPA Christmas Party December 1st at RJ Mical's house in Redwood City. More details to come.

An EMT training from the person who participated to our last meeting. Sometime in winter, 6-8 hours on Saturday. No certification.

There is a demand for a reserve repack clinic and for a reserve tossing clinic. Susan K will look into both.

Ricardo S - Treasurer

The association counts 156 members to date.

We are ready to send out notices for Membership renewal.

Daniel B - Secretary

Reported the progress on Mount Umunhum public access (and flying).

After a short discussion BAPA decided to do not make any move, just monitor the progress for now due to the length of this process.

BAPA Officers nominations and election.

Like USHPA, we could say….



The following members were nominated as candidate for the yearly election:


Susan Kent, President

Haynes (Chip) Sheppard, Vice President

Ricardo Salinas, Treasurer

Dan Retz Site, Director

Jesse Meyer, Safety Director

Dave McMillan, Activities Director

Daniel Bremond, Secretary

BAPA Officers online voting is already open. (Thank you Julie S. our webmaster)

The deadline for casting your vote is noon December 1st.

Use your personal log-in information to access the BAPA website at

Pick your favorite candidates (Nominated officers or write-in) and cast your online vote.


Members announcements

Dan Retz presented few slides about his participation (with Katie Bush) in a project named Wing of Kilimanjaro.

A unique opportunity to fly out of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania as a reward of fundraising for charity activities.

A motion passed to allocate $200 to Dan.

In order to support the annual Norcal Free Flight Film Festival a motion passed to allocate $400.

We are still looking for a volunteer Webmaster to take over Julie S duties.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

The entertainment was several short films from last year Norcal Free Flight Festival.