MAY 2012, BAPA Meeting Minutes

BAPA Meeting

May 2, 2012 Meeting Minutes 

Written by Daniel Bremond    


The meeting was held at RJ Mical’s house in Redwood City.

BAPA provided pizza and the first beer.  


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM.

In attendance were 23 club members, including two USHPA Board members for Region 2, Josh Cohn and Patrick Hajeck


Officer Reports:


Susan K- President

Susan thanked RJ Mical for hosting the meeting and asked all members to introduce themselves.


Chip C - Vice President

Chip shown a Thank You card received by BAPA from The Pacific Beach Coalition for our participation at the coastal cleanup day on April 21.


Ricardo S - Treasurer

To date 135 members and $8000+ on the bank account.


Dave M - Activities

Dave thanked Georgette Derdevanis and Don Creasman for leading the Bapa group during the coastal cleanup.

Dave recalled the past and coming events on the calendar:

Potato Hill fly-in on April 21,

Anderson flat fly-in on May 5,

Dunlap fly-in on June 2.

Dave told that he was trying to organize a First Responder Class in 1 day.

Someone proposed to delay this class until fall, time where pilots have more free time (Less opportunity to fly). The suggestion was accepted.


Old Business:



New Business:

A motion to allocate an amount in the range of $900 for the contract with GGNRA for Mori Point and the Stables was moved, seconded, and passed.

A motion to allocate $60 to replace the tarp at Anderson Flat was moved, seconded, and passed.

A motion to grant Dave Alder with a $25 Gift Certificate for his contribution at Mussel Rock (a.k.a. the Dumps) was moved, seconded, and passed.


A long discussion took place about the new USHPA site security requirements.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM



The entertainment was a talk by Rick Cavallaro about using repeaters with a Ham Radio.


Rick sent by email the next day the script of his talk and a VX-170 Cheat sheet that are submitted as an article under the title: "BAPA Meeting (5/12) Attachment".