BAPA Meeting Minutes – Jan 13, 2016

BAPA Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2016

 Meeting held at Red Lobster, Milpitas, CA. 

29 members in attendance in person

1 attendant over the phone

And for the first time 7 attendants over video streaming

 Meeting called to order at 7:33pm

The meeting was presided over by Dave McMillan, President

Minutes reported by Daniel Bremond, Secretary.


The following attendees were introduced

First time attendee:

Ross Strickland

Guests of Honor

Julie Spiegler USHPA Project Manager

Josh Cohn USHPA Director for Region 2

Jugdeep Aggarwal USHPA Director for Region 2

                        Attending by phone: Mark Forbes USHPA Insurance Chairman and Treasurer
            2016 Bapa Officers

New  Officers

Vice President: Sophie Bourgoin

Activities Director: Ross Strickland

            Re-elected Officers

Treasurer: Robin Cushman
Secretary: Daniel Bremond

Safety Director: Jesse Meyer

Not present today ;Site Director: Dan Retz

And of course President: David McMillan

Other BAPA Contributors

                        Mount Tamalpais Site Administrator : Wally Anderson

                        Mount Diablo Site Administrator: Ed Wilson

                        Membership coordinator : Susan Kent

   2.Officer and Contributors Reports:

Treasurer: Robin Cushman

At the end of 2015 $8900 in banks accounts. Yesterday $9300.

The difference is due to renewals coming and some site insurances for 2016 not yet paid.


Safety Director: Jesse Meyer

Just a statement: Keep up safe


Activities Director: Ross Strickland

Working on the activities schedule.

Expects to publish the calendar for the March meeting.


Membership coordinator : Susan Kent

Out of the 165 members at the end of 2015, 95 have already renewed their membership.

Members having not renewed will be removed from the roster in March.

Susan suggested to stop delivering yearly site stickers.

After discussion it was agreed to suspend delivery of site stickers for 2016.


3.Old Business

Holliday Party:

The Holliday Party at the BrightWorkSchool in San Francisco was great.

David moved to allocate the same amount that last year $250 to the school

for the cleaning. The motion was seconded and passed.

 4. New Business:

In kind donations:

A pilot proposed to donate to BAPA a used glider. Then BAPA could sell it and use the money.

After discussion, it was decided that BAPA will not do it, and it was suggested that the donor

gives to other charity .


Risk Management Plans:

On the beginning of each year, we need to update the Risk Management Plan

for each site we use,  regardless we insure them or not..

In the past, the Site Manager provided the previous year Plans to each Site Manager

in order to update them.

This will be more critical this year with the new insurance, and we expect to have

to address the particularities of each site with more details.


And finally, the hot topic: Donation to USHPA for the RRG insurance:

A long discussion took place; Below are the main points discussed:

Amount of the donation: between $5000 and $7000

Amount needed to keep in case of rainy day. Up to $2000.

Examples of rainy days in the past.

Reserve needed for the day to day business to balance incomes and expenses.

Matching donations outside (asking other matching companies to match BAPA donation).

Matching donations inside (BAPA matches BAPA member donations)

It was decided for both: No, it is to late.

However someone says that donors can ask Jackson Hole Chapter to match their donation.

Finally the following motion was adopted by more than 20 yes, one no.

Out of the 7 peoples on line 3 of them supported the motion:

Motion: BAPA will donate immediately $5000 out of its reserves.

If necessary, BAPA can donate $2000 more at the discretion of a majority of the BAPA Officers.


5. And replacing the entertainment part of the meeting:

Live questions over the phone to Mark Forbes about the insurance.

The overall answer from Mark:

The situation with the previous insurance is still evolving.

We do not have today all the answers, but we will work hard, and the intention of USHPA is

to solve all the insurance problems.

 The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM