BAPA Meeting Minutes – October 22, 2016

Meeting held at Mussel Rock parking lot , preciseley at the BBQ area. 

20 to 30 persons in attendance (BAPA members and/or local HG/PG pilots)

 Meeting called to order around 6:50 pm

The meeting was presided over by Dave McMillan, President

 Due to the location and the time, it should be a short meeting, intended to socialize, link and network with local flying people.

    Officer and Contributor Reports:

1) Dave McMillan President

1.A) Mount Tamalpais

In summary to date:

Due to the USHPA insurance requirements there will be only one chapter

managing this site. The HG one, managing HG and PG.

BAPA will collaborate and support half of the insurance cost.

Wally will be the PG manager.

The main difference is that the allowing stickers will need to be renewed every year.

 1.B) New Mission Webcam

Thanks to Ron from Australia and to Evan Cohen for being instrumental on

setting up this cam.

 1.C) Christmas Party

It will be held on December third at BrightWorks in San Francisco.

Mark your calendar and look for more info to come.

 1.D) Dunlap

The owner of the LZ passed away.The site was shut down, then it just re-opened.

We don’t know what will happen. Will the familly keep the site?

1.E) BAPA Officers yearly election

The current nominations are:

President: Dave McMillan

Vice President: : still open

Activity Director: still open

Treasurer: Sophie Bourgoin

Secretary: Daniel Bremond

Site Director: Dan Retz

Safety Director: Harry  Sandoval

The vote will be thru the internet . More details coming

 1.F) Monster Mash Flying

Canceled due to the past wild fire

 1.G) Training

There is a demand for weather clinic

We are looking to have a first Responder clinic early February.

 2) Susan Kent, Membership coordinator

 2.A) Why to be a BAPA member?

BAPA contributes to several site expenses. (Mt Diablo, half of Mt Tamalpais, The Stables)

BAPA wants to keep Mussel Rock “unregulated”

BAPA runs clinics, maintains windsocks.

BAPA contributed to USHPA insurance

How could we encourage instrusctors to suggest studdents to become BAPA members?


An advantage your BAPA membership gives you: (from Ricardo)

You have access to Mountain Hardware Store in Richmond which sells

outdoor equipments for half of the market price.

 The meeting was adjourned at 7:13 PM 

3. The entertainment part of the meeting was the BBQ and Pot Luck food

while socializing with the attendants.